Taylor Seville Magic Clips - fabric clips in various sizes
Model: Big | Packing Size: 6 pcs
The sewing community has been waiting for these Magic Clips: The Magic Clips are perfect for fixing multiple layers of fabric or batting. The clips have a very wide opening and are extra strong, so that nothing slips away, yet they lie flat and do not need to be removed when machine sewing. On the top side of the clips, there are easy-to-read seam allowance markings. Available in sizes Large, Mini, Small and Extra-small. Large: Total length: 6 cm Markings at 0.64 cm, 1.27 cm and 1.59 cm Mini: Total length: 3.5 cm Markings at 0.64 cm Small: Total clip length: 4.5 cm Markings at 0.64 cm and 1.27 cm Extra-small: Total clip length: 3.0 cm Markings at 0.64 cm Dimensions in inches: Mini: 1/4 length of clip: 1.38 Small: 1/4 - 1/2 length of clip: 1.77 Extra-small: 1/4 length of clip: 1.2 Large: 1/4 - 1/2 - 5/8 length of clip: 2.36